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How to Wash You Locks

How you wash your locks (dreadlocks) and how often will really depend on how you started them. But here are some basic guidelines that will work for all lock types.

Focus on your scalp and not your locks.

Unless you are doing dusty home repairs or some other job that would cause your locks to get dirty, most of the sebum, sweat and other build up will be found on your scalp. That is the area that you need to focus on when washing your locks.

Get your scalp really clean and then work the lather through your locks. No matter what size or type of lock you have rough handling is not necessary.

Dilute your shampoo and pour or spray it on.

Most shampoos are relatively thick and can stand to be diluted at least half and half and some time more. Diluting your shampoo before you put it on your lock will ensure that it gets through your hair thoroughly and evenly.

You can pour it through your hair a little at a time by tilting your head and pouring it around the edges toward the center and then pouring some in the center. This is best done while in the shower. Or you can put it in a spay bottle and spray your scalp and then your locks. Either way your are sure to use less shampoo and still get your hair thoroughly clean.

Avoid conditioners and shampoos with conditioners until your hair is mature.

This is especially important if you have hair that is wavy or straight. Conditioner is made to get out tangles. Locks are a mass of tangles so conditioners are counter productive. If you are worried about keeping your locks moisturized water is the best moisturize. Just put some spring/filtered water in a spray bottle with some aloe vera gel and your favorite essential oil and use that as a daily hair moisturizing spray.

Check for crawling, locks coming together at the bases, after washing. Gently pull apart any crawlers.

This is easiest done while your hair is still wet. You don’t have to do this each time you wash but you should do it regularly to make sure locks aren’t forming in ways that you don’t want them to.

Try to gently squeeze as much water out of your hair as possible. Don’t sleep on wet hair.

A sure fire way to get musty moldy smelling locks is to sleep on them wet. It also is a good way to get flat misshapen locks. Try to wash your hair earlier in the day so that it will be dry by the time you have to go to bed or invest in a hood dryer for those late night styling sessions or when it is cold outside.

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